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Impact Report

Together in 2018-19 we...

Delivered over
meals to food banks across Ontario

people across Ontario put food on the table

organizations fighting hunger in their communities

into innovative local programs and capacity building

new donors to the fight against hunger

Sent over
postcards supporting more affordable housing

You help feed Ontario

A Message from Our Chair

"To say this past year has been a big one for Feed Ontario and our network of food banks and partners would be an understatement."

I am so grateful for the help that I receive from my local food bank. It has helped so much and I am able to get more healthy food options for my daughter. Since I am on the Ontario Disability Support Program, money is extremely tight and the support from my food bank makes a huge difference in making sure my daughter can have more healthy options.
Rural Kids recipient at GBF Community Services, Grimsby

Who We Are

A united team against hunger

From securing fresh and healthy food sources, to driving change through policy research and innovative programming, Feed Ontario unites food banks, industry partners, and local communities in our work to end hunger and poverty.

A bold new look to fit a bold new vision

With the bold purpose to end hunger and poverty in our province in mind, we changed our name this year from the Ontario Association of Food Banks to Feed Ontario.

Our new brand is a reflection of the growth, transformation, and collective action of our network of food banks and partners. It represents the vision that unites us as well as the work we do together to achieve that vision.

It is also a call to action for other caring organizations and individuals to join us as we feed Ontario and help build a healthier province.

How we feed Ontario

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Our FeedON network provides adults, children, and seniors with nutritious food throughout the year, including: dairy, protein, and produce. Through the support of our partners, we distribute the equivalent of 4.3 million meals annually.

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Feed Possibility

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We Feed Possibility by providing food banks with resources to grow their capacity to distribute fresh food, to collaborate and develop best practices that drive change, and to develop innovative programming for people facing hunger in their communities.

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Feed Change

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We Feed Change by researching the root-causes of food insecurity, raising awareness of hunger in our province, and advocating on behalf of evidence-based solutions. It is only through our collective action that we will end hunger and poverty in Ontario.

We grow a variety of fresh and nutritious vegetables and are so grateful to be able to tap into Feed Ontario’s network for the distribution of this healthy food to those that need it the most. The staff is very dedicated and work hard to ensure this food reaches as many people as possible.
Gabriela Parejo, Exeter Produce


With your crucial support, our FeedON network provides adults, seniors, and children across Ontario with nutritious food throughout the year.

Together we distribute healthy food

With the support of our generous food and financial donors and transportation partners, in 2018-19 Feed Ontario distributed more than 5 million pounds of food, serving 502,000 Ontarians facing hunger. That equates to 4.3 million meals!

This year we continued to strengthen our commitment to fresh, nutritious food, by sourcing quality items that support a balanced diet for people visiting food banks. Almost 68% of the food we distributed was fresh or frozen, a growth of 5% over the previous year. This included meat, eggs, dairy, and fruit and vegetables.

Fresh Food

Food Distributed by Category

  • 2016-17 (60%)

  • 2017-18 (63%)

  • 2018-19 (68%)

  • Protein (14%)

  • Produce (10%)

  • Pantry (27%)

  • Prepared (7%)

  • Dairy (41%)

  • Household Items (2%)

Together we serve local, healthy food

Protein is essential for a healthy diet and one of the most-needed items for our food banks. In partnership with Ontario’s agriculture industries, we were able to provide local, fresh protein options to people facing hunger while also supporting Ontario’s farmers.


servings of chicken

Thank You

Made Possible By

Chicken Farmers of Ontario

and Maple Lodge Farms

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servings of eggs

Thank You

Made Possible By

Egg Farmers of Ontario
Burnbrae Farms and Gray Ridge Egg Farms

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servings of milk

Thank You

Made Possible By

Dairy Farmers of Ontario
Ontario Milk Transport Association and Dairy Council

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servings of beef

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Made Possible By

Beef Farmers of Ontario

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servings of pork

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Made Possible By

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servings of turkey

Thank You

Made Possible By

Turkey Farmers of Ontario

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Moving food is a team effort

Moving food across the province is not an easy feat. However, with the collective effort of a network of partners, volunteers, and organizations we are able to move 5 million pounds of nutritious food to all corners of the province throughout the year.


Food (including much-needed milk, eggs, meat, and produce) is donated to Feed Ontario by one of our many partners.


Food offers are sent to Feed Ontario food banks via our Smarter Needs Allocation Program (SNAP). Food banks request what is needed for their community.


With the help of Feed Ontario’s transportation partners, donated food is transported to food banks in every corner of the province.


Feed Ontario food banks in 130 communities across Ontario receive the donated food to share through their food banks, meal programs, and partner organizations.



Dedicated staff and volunteers at over 1,200 hunger-relief organizations share the donated food with 502,000 people facing hunger, who make over 2.9 million visits annually.

Together we feed communities across Ontario

With 130 direct member food banks and 1,100 affiliate hunger-relief agencies, your support of Feed Ontario ensures that people facing hunger in every corner of our vast province have access to nutritious food.

From Toronto to Thunder Bay, Windsor to Ottawa, and everything in between, together, we feed Ontario.

Making a difference in just one person’s life is what matters. The tornado in Ottawa last year impacted many lives, and we did what we could to help those affected. We are a family run company, with family values. In the community we grew up in, when someone was faced with a difficult situation we all banded together, we helped them. This is why we partner with Feed Ontario, and why we believe assisting food banks during emergency situations is important.
Albert Renaud, Minimax

Feed Possibility

With your incredible support, we help food banks feed possibility by investing in innovative programming for people facing hunger in their communities.

Together we prevent food waste

Emergency Preparedness

One More Bite provides food banks in Ontario with the opportunity to receive rescued fresh food from their local Metro-banner grocery stores to distribute to adults and children living with hunger in their communities. In 2018-19, this program was piloted in five communities across the province, with more food banks scheduled to participate in the upcoming year!

  • 5 food banks rescued food
  • 17 Metro stores donated to food banks
  • 290,211 pounds of food rescue

Supported by:  

Together we invest in communities

Rural Kids

Capacity Building

Community Garden

Together we enhance local services

Emergency Preparedness

Minden Community Food Bank [read their story]

In the event of a disaster, such as flooding or forest fires, Feed Ontario and its member food banks are at the forefront of the community response. That’s why, this year, we worked in collaboration with our members to develop a province-wide Emergency Preparedness and Risk Plan (EPRP) to ensure that Feed Ontario and our network of food banks are ready to effectively serve their communities in times of emergency.

  • 9 food banks visited as part of the EPRP’s development
  • 46 food banks received in-person training on the EPRP
  • 76 people received training in emergency preparedness

Supported by:

We are so blessed to have Feed Ontario – I’m blown away at the amazing support they give us. Our community in Mountain is behind us, but there is only so much they can do because we’re a small, rural community. We benefit from all of what Feed Ontario does and they are so supportive of us and our work. It also makes a huge difference in our ability to give out healthy food options to the people we serve.
Kim Merkley, House of Lazarus Food Bank, Mountain

Feed Change

With your amazing support, we help feed change through research and public education, and by advocating on behalf of evidence-based solutions to hunger and poverty.
Hunger Action Month

In partnership with Food Banks Canada, Hunger Action Month moved from a provincial to a National campaign this year! Inclusive of local and provincial events, Hunger Action Month encourages people to work towards a future without hunger through four key actions:

  • Educate: Created customizable tools for food banks to share statistics on hunger and poverty in their communities, and promoted Food Banks Canada’s Impossible Choices
  • Advocate: Sent 7,165 postcards to MPPs calling for more affordable housing, and hosted a breakfast at Queen’s Park, attended by 27 MPPs and 13 food banks
  • Volunteer: Hosted, in partnership with local food banks, 17 volunteer events
  • Donate: Raised $69,000 to help end hunger in Ontario

Sponsored by the Chicken Farmers of Ontario

I wanted to support local need. I think people forget that locally we need help too. I choose to give to Feed Ontario because they are trustworthy and efficiently use their resources in local communities that need it most.

How We're Feeding the Future

In the last year, with your continued support, Feed Ontario laid the foundation for ongoing growth and investment in the services Ontario’s food bank network provides to our province’s most vulnerable people. As we begin year two of our strategic plan (2019-20), we will continue to build on this foundation by investing the generous support you entrust us with into strategic, long-term solutions to food insecurity.

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Feeding More Fresh

With the support of partners like you, over the next year our goal is to continue increasing the availability of fresh and frozen food that Feed Ontario distributes to food banks. With a particular focus on produce and protein, we want to ensure that all Ontarians have access to a healthy, balanced diet so that they can flourish.

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Growing Food Bank Capacity

An increase in fresh and frozen food also requires an increase in our network’s capacity to accept, store, and distribute fresh food. Based on the results of the Capacity Evaluation conducted this year, Feed Ontario will develop a Capacity Strategy to continue increasing capacity across the network, improving our own ability to distribute fresh food, and that of our member food banks.

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Cost of Poverty

Building on our increased research efforts to develop long-term solutions to hunger, Feed Ontario will release a Cost of Poverty report exploring the financial strain that poverty, and its side effects like hunger, put on the province. The report will also include recommendations for change to help improve outcomes for low-income Ontarians and help create a more prosperous province for all.

On behalf of all our employees, I am proud to express FCC’s support of Feed Ontario. At FCC, our purpose is to serve the industry that feeds the world. We are committed to reducing hunger and giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Feed Ontario is doing both by sourcing and distributing food to Ontario food banks, as well as by assisting in the growth and development of food programs province-wide. Keep up the great work!
Michael Hoffort, President and CEO, Farm Credit Canada

Working together, each dollar goes further

Thank you to all of the incredible people and organizations who give their time, products, services, and financial support to Feed Ontario. You make feeding Ontario possible!
For every


is spent on programs & services, including food, transportation, grants, training, and support
The equivalent of

3 meals

is provided to people in need
Sources of Revenue
  • Gift-In-Kind (86%)

  • National Partnerships (6%)

  • Donations & Grants (5%)

  • Membership Dues & Events (3%)

  • Interest (0.1%)

  • Support Services (6%)

  • Member Services (6%)

  • Food & Distribution (88%)

Not included: Amortization of deferred capital contributions ($1,113), Loss on writedown of capital assets (-$7,400)

This financial summary is taken from our 2018-19 Audited Financial Statements. You can view the full statements here.
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Our partners in feeding change

Meet Our Network

Our networked is fuelled by many extraordinary professionals and volunteers that are comittted to a healtheir future for all Ontarians. Each day, these passionate individuals deliver innovative solutions to address hunger in their communities.

Thank you for joining with us to feed Ontario and help build a healthier province!
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